About us

Jovial [joh-vee-uh l]
Endowed with or characterized by a hearty, joyous humor or a spirit of good-fellowship

Formerly known as VYNY Crafts, Jovial Crafts is a small business based in Singapore directed by Victoria Yue. Jovial Crafts aims to produce vibrant and cheerful products that brings people together to develop a sense of joy and wonder for the good things that are around them. 

Jovial Crafts produces unique and aesthetically pleasing paper products and other lifestyle items to bring good cheer to others. 

About the Artist

Victoria Yue comes from a tiny island city known as Singapore and enjoys making items by hand! As a child, Victoria enjoyed working with a hands-on approach. Be it fixing an IKEA furniture by herself or assembling pieces of a puzzle together, she has always loved to put small items together to make it into something bigger and better. 

In early 2015, Victoria made her first notebook as a gift for a friend and the gift was met with an enthusiastic response. As such, bookbinding quickly developed into a hobby and she took a step further to sell her handmade notebooks on both online platforms and in art markets. 

Eventually that small humble business selling handmade notebooks evolved into a small humble business selling aesthetically pleasing stationery products for stationery addicts. More than 5 years on, Victoria has found her love for illustrating be it with watercolour, gouache and digital painting and transforming them to become aesthetically pleasing everyday items that others can use in their everyday lives. She hopes that her products will bring some joy and comfort to others in their own day to days.

Have any other questions? Feel free to send us an e-mail at victoriayny@jovialcrafts.com