From VYNY to Jovial

Dear readers,

As of 1 August 2017, VYNY Crafts will take on a new brand name and will now be known as Jovial

When VYNY started as a hobby-business almost one and a half years ago, the brand name was based on the artist's initials. But overtime as the brand began to grow, there was a need to rename the company such that would no longer center around the artist herself. Rather, the brand will have even more potential to grow and expand under a new identity to create more products that could add to people's lives. Hence the decision to change our brand name was both essential and crucial.

Why Jovial?
In Jovial, we believe that our brand shines not just through the products we make, but the people we meet. And we want to be heartfelt and sincere in every area of our work be it in meeting new people or behind the scenes in our workshop. 

And that is why we have changed our brand. We thank you for your support all these months and we hope that you would continue to support us even as we move into a new season!

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